tik tok tik tokk...

Thursday, January 26, 2017

I am married

There is now a man asleep next to me...

Tik Tok Tik Tok! .......almost 23 years, I slept all by myself. I am the only daughter and I slept all by myself when I was 7. And now, I have someone else, beside me peacefully sleeping with my teddy bear! YES!!! HE STOLE MY TEDDY BEAR.

Oh I am married now. I remembered I always had this conversation with my bestfriends where we pointed to each other's face who is going to marry first.

"Hang mesti kahwin dulu kan sbb hang banyak bf!" *technically, if you have a lot of boyfriend..of course you are going to marry super late cause too many choices. haha*
"Agak agak siapa kahwin dulu ek?"

Too bad! I am the one who be the first one to get married. Hahaha! Just kidding!I am the second one who got married. Sharifah already had a baby boy during my wedding. But ok lah, still early what?
My parents got married at 23 and her daughter got herself a husband at 24. My parents always have this idea where they find "Early Marriage is Good For You" but their mindset slightly changed whenever they saw her daughter still acting like an irresponsible human being.

I woke up late. *nobody wants a wife who wakes up at noon, right?*
I enjoyed arguing with my brothers and cousins
I don't know how to cook
I love my messy room

Do you think my parent would let me get married if I am so messed up like this?

I think the only thing that makes Mama & Abah agreed to let me be somebody's wife is because of Amirrul.
Amirrul is a total opposite from me. He rises as early as a bird. He is so responsible towards everything. He is fast. Easy to say, he is complete different la from me. There are so many differences between me and Amirrul. He is so softspoken and I speak like a thunder. Well, I orang utara.. what do you expect? He is an introvert person while me, I AM WILD. I talked to everyone, including mak cik nasi lemak.

All of these differences makes him my husband.

We are married on 14th September 2016.
Amirrul is now officially my husband who I would cherish for the rest of my life. Insyaallah.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

65% Road To Graduation

Hi guys,

I am officially done with my VIVA 2 Presentation. Just in case, you wanna know what is VIVA 2 Presentation is, it is a research presentation that we have (forcely!) to do in order for us, final year student to graduate this year. Tough? Yes. It is a research we are talking about. I wanna cry until my eyeballs come out and vomit on the floor like that girl in the Pitch Perfect did on stage.
I did my presentation at 12 noon, it was smooth. Alhamdulilah! My body started to shake nervously when the person before me got fire by the panels.

I sit on the chair and looked at Qyla. (Like Qyla has some sort of superpower to heal my gelabah). Fortunately, my presentation went well. I didn't get that fire and I didn't have to put on my bulletproof vase that I was prepared before the presentation. Ha Ha, I am joking.
Overall, I feel so relieved that I manage to settle everything today. Fuh! I thought the presentation will be all mess since my laptop's charger decide to explode and I had to find another laptop to prepare my slides. I was proud with myself cause I didn't cry when that was happen. *pats on the shoulder*

Iylia, Qyla, Fatin and Ruby are done with their VIVA 2 AS WELL!! CONGRATE!! Kak Iqa is up next. Goodluck! But I can sense that she can rock the presentation.
I might done with my VIVA 2 but there are more to come after this. Assignment presentation, poster competition and final year trip to Melaka. Can you believe it that I am going to do all this in one whole week? Fuh!
I hope everything goes well and I have a great time, create memories with my sisters

Yup, there was me, smiling before the presentation. So calm and cool!

and this is us, smiling after everything was considerably done!

I hope you guys have a nice day and life ahead. Goodnight!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Road of ..Graaa--Zzz!

Hello guys, I am about to say graduation but well,it is a long journey to graduate. I have less than a month to finish everything and face the whole new world as a career woman. I have been practically living with my Sony Vaio (My Laptop!) for the past 2 months. Assignments, posters, presentation.. fuh! I can't believe it I manage to conduct my time management and finished everything on time.

Eventhough, I have been busy focusing on my university "chores" (yup, i would like to describe it like that), I never think about stopping and let my business rest for awhile. Sparkly.Co has been my stress-relieved. Trust me when I said I am genuinely happy to receive any kind of feedback from my customer. I love to hear, people are happy with my service and I sell pretty things to them.
People might said, that is just a small feedback like "hey, I got my parcel already. Lovin' it". That feedback can made my whole day bright like the Sun. Don't underestimate the power of the smallest things/act to the other people; you don't even know how that things can affect their day or maybe life.

Lastly, I would like to ask you this one tiny favor, please pray from my Viva 2: Final Year Project Presentation this Tuesday. I am scared eventhough I might look like I don't even care if my panels hate my research. The truth is, I am scared for being judged by those two brilliant, perfectionist lecturers. Pray for my safety and let's pray that I am coming back alive, writing this blog again.

I hope everyone well, goodluck in everything you do beautiful souls. <3 p="">