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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Road of ..Graaa--Zzz!

Hello guys, I am about to say graduation but well,it is a long journey to graduate. I have less than a month to finish everything and face the whole new world as a career woman. I have been practically living with my Sony Vaio (My Laptop!) for the past 2 months. Assignments, posters, presentation.. fuh! I can't believe it I manage to conduct my time management and finished everything on time.

Eventhough, I have been busy focusing on my university "chores" (yup, i would like to describe it like that), I never think about stopping and let my business rest for awhile. Sparkly.Co has been my stress-relieved. Trust me when I said I am genuinely happy to receive any kind of feedback from my customer. I love to hear, people are happy with my service and I sell pretty things to them.
People might said, that is just a small feedback like "hey, I got my parcel already. Lovin' it". That feedback can made my whole day bright like the Sun. Don't underestimate the power of the smallest things/act to the other people; you don't even know how that things can affect their day or maybe life.

Lastly, I would like to ask you this one tiny favor, please pray from my Viva 2: Final Year Project Presentation this Tuesday. I am scared eventhough I might look like I don't even care if my panels hate my research. The truth is, I am scared for being judged by those two brilliant, perfectionist lecturers. Pray for my safety and let's pray that I am coming back alive, writing this blog again.

I hope everyone well, goodluck in everything you do beautiful souls. <3 p="">

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