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Friday, May 15, 2015

Pitch Perfect 2

Today was sort of a good day. Good day for us to enjoy our time together, watching Pitch Perfect 2. Pitch Perfect 2 movie is the best movie for us since that movie is basically about sisterhood and they are graduating soon in that movie (ops for the spoiler!). We are graduating soon. We are graduating this October and we going to be far apart this June. Thinking about our farewell already made me wanna cry. But anyway, talking about the Pitch Perfect 2 movie.....that movie is perfectly good. Thanks for making us laughing and wanna cry at the same time. I literally wanna hug Akhilah beside me but she was too busy cuddling with the blanket. Yup, we brought blanket to the cinema, just in case.

Pitch Perfect 2 would get 9.5/10 from me. Why there is 0.5 missing point there? This is because I want more. I don't want it to be end. Akhilah screamed in the cinema that she didn't want it to be end.
I love Fat Amy but I don't think our society would like her personality here, in Malaysia. Hahaha! Why? because she is too bold! (I secretly want to be like her!) I want to suck her confidence level and bring it with me to the job interview.

Before I close my entry I would like to introduce to you guys, my sisters at UTM. They treat me like their little sister. THEY ARE MY BIG SISTER! They complained a lot on my attitude since I am so messy and clumsy. They are the one who took care all of my mess. Sorry guys! I love you endlessly.

- Iylia Atira is my bold roomate.
- Ruby is friendly one (funny as well!)
- Akhilah is the smartest one
- Shafiqah is the wisest one
- Fatin is busy one. (She is literally a president in everything!)

Those girls are the bunch of people that I will miss the most.

Oh! Let's me share the pictures of us, hanging out..

Well, goodnight everyone. Please welcome me back into this blogging world again. I am probably,thinking about doing a vlog soon. Insyaallah!


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