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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

65% Road To Graduation

Hi guys,

I am officially done with my VIVA 2 Presentation. Just in case, you wanna know what is VIVA 2 Presentation is, it is a research presentation that we have (forcely!) to do in order for us, final year student to graduate this year. Tough? Yes. It is a research we are talking about. I wanna cry until my eyeballs come out and vomit on the floor like that girl in the Pitch Perfect did on stage.
I did my presentation at 12 noon, it was smooth. Alhamdulilah! My body started to shake nervously when the person before me got fire by the panels.

I sit on the chair and looked at Qyla. (Like Qyla has some sort of superpower to heal my gelabah). Fortunately, my presentation went well. I didn't get that fire and I didn't have to put on my bulletproof vase that I was prepared before the presentation. Ha Ha, I am joking.
Overall, I feel so relieved that I manage to settle everything today. Fuh! I thought the presentation will be all mess since my laptop's charger decide to explode and I had to find another laptop to prepare my slides. I was proud with myself cause I didn't cry when that was happen. *pats on the shoulder*

Iylia, Qyla, Fatin and Ruby are done with their VIVA 2 AS WELL!! CONGRATE!! Kak Iqa is up next. Goodluck! But I can sense that she can rock the presentation.
I might done with my VIVA 2 but there are more to come after this. Assignment presentation, poster competition and final year trip to Melaka. Can you believe it that I am going to do all this in one whole week? Fuh!
I hope everything goes well and I have a great time, create memories with my sisters

Yup, there was me, smiling before the presentation. So calm and cool!

and this is us, smiling after everything was considerably done!

I hope you guys have a nice day and life ahead. Goodnight!

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